It was a bright sunny morning on this darkest of days

So quiet, so peaceful, the most tranquil of days


The ships are so shiny all glittering at bay

And of course, and why not we are the USofA


PEARL—so proper so fitting a name

Lush green mountains and black sand for play


Sailors at rest, Army men too, don’t forget Air core and US Marines to

The WAF’s and the WAC’s and the Red Cross were their

So many so many yet few would be spared


Some folks are sleeping and some are at play

Worshipping and working on a warm winters day


Up on a mountain a few men and a new machine

A contraption called radar with a grid and a screen


One blip, two blips then so many more

It must be broken there can’t be yet more


Maybe there birds migrating from the north

My GOD they’re Japanese zeros from the carriers of war


Flying low so as not to be seen

I can see the pilot his face is serene


Sound general quarters and scramble the planes

Fire up the engines get the ships on the way


Too late, to late the bombs drop like rain

People are dying, their eyes full of pain


Torpedoes in the water hitting ship after ship

Flames all around us, death has us in its grip


Sixteen ships were destroyed that day

One thousand one hundred and two men of the Arizona at the bottom still lay


Two thousand four hundred and three in all died that day

Blessed are the peace makers so Your words say


I thought we were in heaven, paradise was swell

Now, fire and smoke and flames straight from hell


Help me, help me, oh God what has happened

Forgive me, forgive me, I rejected Your perfection


It has been seventy-five years since that God-awful day

And you’re still not forgotten, as long as I have a say


So this tribute I write to those brave men of yesterday

God bless you and thank you, you’re still heroes today!


Some day it will be over, the war, death and pain

God will give us His peace, eternal life, no sadness or pain


So sleep now, be at rest till that upcoming day

When the Lord calls us home in a splendid array!



By: Frank Biela



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