Everything is moving so quickly now. Faster and Faster in the last month and doubling in speed each week over the last 4 weeks and ISIS seems to be one of the main causes. ISIS has now beheaded 21 Egyptian Christians which Egypt has vowed revenge, but ISIS has also threatened today that they are going after “The City of the Cross” Rome and the Vatican itself. ISIS is now helping to fulfill Scripture and end time prophecy quicker than anybody else. The books of: Revelation, Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Joel all starting to blend together at an extremely rapid pace.

At the moment,  everybody and every nation seems helpless against ISIS. No one knows where they will strike next but my guess is that the United States will be hit hard and soon. They have not forgotten about us and they have already proved we are not untouchable. In our arrogance, I believe God has lifted His hand of protection off of the United States. We are turning more and more from a Bible believing Christian nation, to a pagan worshiping of false god’s nation. Oh, we still give God the lip,service (talking the talk) but less and less we (those who claim to be Christians) are “Walking the walk”. We have turned the Word of God into a defensive weapon that we now hide behind to protect ourselves rather than using God’s Word as an offensive weapon to attack the enemy with, the same as Israel has done over the centuries.


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